A Discipleship Curriculum for Families with Young Children

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided you with all you need to have a weekly lesson with your family, and daily dinner table Bible times. Each week will explore a single simple topic, and take families into the Bible to look at the life of Jesus.

Each week includes:

  1. A short article for parents (or other adult) encouraging them with this week’s topic.
  2. A family discipleship lesson – it will take about an hour with just a little preparation.
  3. Five days of Bible-time: short daily readings and questions to start a conversation.
  4. A few other activities are listed for you to choose from that brings learning to life.

This material was designed for an adult or adults and the children in their care, such as parents and their kids. It was written for young children in mind – ages 4-11. Older and younger children may still benefit and parents can adapt material to the needs and attention span of their family. Side bars give tips for adapting content for children who are older or with different needs. Lessons are designed to be interactive and fun.

  • Families could use the lesson as home-based Sunday School or evening Church
  • Grandparents could do these lessons with grandchildren over the internet
  • Children’s Ministry staff or volunteers could use this with families midweek through video call software or livestreams over social media
  • Several families could get together through video calls to do the lesson together
  • Please adapt this material to your needs and situation!

Choose a time to gather as a family so parents can lead the discipleship lesson. It can happen any day of the week or any time that works for your family!

Then, take a few moments every day to continue the conversation using our daily Bible-time guide. This could be done at breakfast or dinner, before bed or any other time! Go at a pace that works well for your family, and do what you are able to!

Leading your child to Christ is the greatest privilege and responsibility of every Christian parent. It is our job, but we often get help from our church community and other ministries to help our children understand and receive salvation. But our child’s first and best teacher is their parents.

  1. Pray that your children would be saved.
  2. Model following Jesus faithfully, let them see you choosing him!
  3. Share the Gospel in many conversations, in regular moments of your life, over and over.
  4. Model grace and forgiveness in your family. Remind them it is because of the Gospel.
  5. Be aware that a single prayer asking Jesus to forgive their sins is the start of many steps towards Jesus, but a child’s life may have many steps both toward and away.
  6. Be careful not to give your children Christianity in form but without power – requiring obedience of them in their own strength, requiring that they act like a Christian without being transformed by God’s love and his Word.
  7. Let them see how following Jesus makes a difference for their family and for the world.
  8. It is God’s responsibility to save them, and their individual responsibility to respond in faith to him. You are responsible for teaching them the truth, and to obey it, and are not soured on following Jesus to the best of your ability. Not every one of our children will be saved, this is the difficult reality.

Families Following Jesus is free to use in any way you like as long as you use it with the purpose of reaching the world for Christ and you do not charge for the the use of the material. Learn more at www.twr.ca/licensing.